Wine Tasting

Choose one of our tasting formulas: Organic Wines, EVO Oil, saffron, honey and many other typical products… You will be in contact with an indigenous reality, a marvelous landscape and a lot of pleasure. It begins with a visit to the estate and the vineyard, with a view of a typical landscape of the Chianti hills, and then you will visit our old cellar to end your stay with a tasting of our wine and our extra virgin olive oil.


Aperitif in the Vineyard

A unique aperitif among the hills of Chianti with our best products. The sunset, a moment of passion and love, is to be lived with a glass in your hand and a story told here and another there, all remembering a poetry that knows how to enchant. Live your special moment with a glass of wine in your hand and our great quality. And don't forget that the sun always sets in the hills behind us!


Mediterranean cooking class

Our typical Tuscan values ​​are implemented in a Mediterranean cuisine that is rich in flavor and culture. Our family origins have inspired and guided us to prepare specific food associations that include our wines, our EVO oil and many other authentic and organic products we offer. In this course, we will try, using simple things, to take you back in time to the Etruscans and the Phoenicians through a very rich and unique world.



By the end of September and October, we offer a unique experience: opening our doors to those who want to know the secrets behind our way of working, and see the attention with which we carry out the manual cultivation of the bunches of grapes, to the selection of grapes, and the rigor with which this whole work is carried out and which attests to the quality of our products.



The languages differ in their grammar, pronunciation words.



Unique handcrafted creation



Certified quality a thanks to the organic farming

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